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concept video found..

I find concept dance videos particularly thrilling, but its rare to find one as captivating as this china concept one. it is three, presumably male, dancers dressed in red pyjamma type loose clothing wearing rice picker hats with a black background. the music starts with classic Chinese string tunes stuff ( i don’t know what its called haha) and the mood is very oriental, they have classic popping hand hip hop but on most of the beat drops they play up the Chinese aspects with cool traditional moves/mimes. i thought it was especially cool because of how they could move they’re bodies to the sounds of the strings and they way the sound resonates through they’re bodies. A great mix of classic and modern culture.

our concept video is a zombie type thriller beyonce mashup, so one word, fierce. we will be creepy and cute at the same time? crazy, we will be sharing scary stories around a campfire when one of us suddenly is a zombie. some commotion happens then we break it down! we have some awesome group choreo and we will shake the zobmie out of us and wake up normal confused kids again

journal entry 1

Chachi Gonzales is an American dancer and choreographer from the dance crew I.aM.mE. She started dancing at a very young age had has perfected the craft, she specializes in hip hop. is one of my favorite pieces she has done, it’s a little old but i came out just after i started becoming her fan.

She really sparked my interest in dance period, i used to watch her videos over and over again and wish i could do something as spectacular and inspiring. I first discovered her in the ninth grade and she soon became my biggest role model. My favorite part about her was her youth and how down to earth she is. One time I found her facebook page and whole a fan girl letter not expecting a reply when she blew me away with a response.

We haven’t filmed the dance, but I will say I am trying to work on my timing and overall memorization! I think things are going well, Im impressing myself all the time. thank you, you’re an amazing teacher


lost my first 6 pounds! i went hiking today and went for a bike ride. I’ve been eating well and on a regular basis. I’m happy with the improvement on my mood and body, I’ll see how things go:D

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